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Portolan is a family owned business, spezialised on the development of accounting software solutions. When working with us, you will get to know a great team spirit. If you are looking for a friendly and collegial environment, you are right with us! We value employees who show personal initiative and have fun at work. You can expect thrilling projects in an international atmosphere. Since 2018 we are located at the Businesspark Schwabenhof in Heilbronn (close to the IHK). For us it's important, that you grow with your task area. Thus we ensure with further trainings and internal knowledge transfer.

  • Joachim Nürk - Geschäftsführer

  • Portolan Management

  • Elke Nürk - Organisation

  • Dieter Walter - R&D

  • Henning Fröschle - Produktmanagement

  • Alexander Nürk - IT

  • Jessica Kreuzmann - Marketing

  • Portolan Familienunternehmen

  • Portolan Team

  • Ausbildung bei Portolan

  • As a leading provider of standard business software, we are dependent on experienced and competent employees. If you have competence in our specialist area and are committed, motivated and able to work in a team, then you have come to the right place. Bring your skills and commitment to an innovative, future-oriented company. Join our team and let us set the course for success together!

  • For many years, we have been working closely together with universities of applied sciences. Every semester we offer students the opportunity to do an internship with us. In this way, students can get a taste of practical experience and gain insight into the company. At Portolan, interns are involved in projects right from the start, and theoretical knowledge can be tested in practice in teamwork. Many interns extend their cooperation with Portolan by signing on as working students. Thus, they remain in contact with the team, and they obtain an opportunity to know the daily work routine over a longer period of time. Because the company understands the focus that will be dedicated to university studies, working hours are coordinated with the specialist department and are flexible.

  • Do you already know what happens after school? Training or studies? With an internship you can find out which profession suits you best. Get a taste of our working life and get to know the world of our accounting software. It doesn't matter whether you want to come to us as part of BOGI, BORS or a voluntary internship. We offer you the opportunity to get to know Portolan for all kinds-both in the commercial and in the IT fields. Are you looking for an apprenticeship? Then you've come to the right place. Every year, we train IT specialists for application development. We teach our trainees everything they need to know for their daily work and the areas of responsibility are exciting and challenging. Our team is very open and looking forward to reinforcement.

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