Textile ERP with Integrated Financial Accounting

The first customer uses NOW FI

Pointe International Inc was founded in 1993 by Samuel K. Jung, with 20 years of coated fabric experience in a multinational company. Today, it has the largest selection of faux leathers in the world. Its core business is the trade in fabric webbing, and therefore effective warehouse management is essential for Pointe. In the past, the company, which has its headquarters in Nortvale NJ, used the Quickbooks software. However, this solution could not map the areas of inventory control, reorder point calculation and safety stock.

After an extensive search of the market, the choice fell on the ERP solution NOW from Datatex. This software has been specially developed for the textile and clothing industry and covers all stages of textile production. Since the middle of last year, this solution has also been offered with integrated financial accounting. Datatex is committed to a close partnership with Portolan Commerce Solutions GmbH. With more than 27 years of experience in the development of commercial software solutions and international projects, Portolan has been able to build a functionally sophisticated and yet lean solution.

Pointe is the first customer to introduce financial accounting in the two companies. Through the full integration, ERP and financial accounting offer access to a master data source. The automatic data flow between goods management and financial accounting also speeds up daily operations, for example through the automatic transfer of input invoices into the financial accounting and from open items to the ERP system. Through a shared, unified architecture, daily processes are simplified. Data backups, hardware configuration or the important of new program versions can run in one operation.

This results in savings in the administration and operation of the solution. Another highlight of financial accounting is the "NOW Analysis" module, which includes structured and easy-to-use reporting. For example, open items from customers and suppliers can be called up quickly and clearly. With standard reports, such as the P & L or balance sheets, the company always has a clear overview of its business transactions. These reports can be accessed simply by clicking on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Samuel K. Jung, President of Pointe, is delighted about the new possibilities for evaluation provided by this solution.

"It's a good system and we're looking forward to getting an historical view of the three areas of cost, quantity and revenue". By integrating the CRM system, Pointe can now analyze all company data and make future decisions based on such validated statistics. The goal of the company is to buy more cheaply and reduce its storage costs.

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