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Runs as lubricated as your machines

Accounting for mechanical engineering and plant construction

Mechanical and plant engineering is under great pressure to innovate. This requires strong partnerships and a flexible work organization along the value chain. The central control instrument is and remains accounting. Portolan supports and navigates you safely through the sea of numbers. With the Portolan EVM solution, you always have an up-to-date overview of your cross-company, cross-production and cross-location processes.

With the Portolan EVM solution, cost center hierarchies for production are mapped. This means that the allocation of the production management to the areas of responsibility can be determined at cost rate. Project hierarchies can also be set up. In this way, material consumption is collected on a project-related basis, and time confirmations for projects (project hours) are then activated in Asset Accounting. Down payments for customer projects, such as customer-specific tools, are also taken into account.

  • Additional functions, precisely tailored to the needs of the machinery and plant construction industry:

    • Posting debit notes' receipt-of-payment advice note
    • Receipt-of-payment advice
    • Credit memo procedure with the customer
    • Self-billing procedure with the vendor (self-billing supplier)
    • Sales displays and sales evaluations
    • Configurable trigger types
    • Management of connection houses
    • Integration of order backlogs
    • Integration of purchase order commitments
    • Post-calculation of production orders
    • Simultaneous calculation of tools
    • Allocation of tools to production orders
    • Project accounting for internal and external projects
    • Contribution margin accounting at customer/article level
    • Cost center accounting
    • BDE time-recording connection
    • Rolling planning/forecast
    • Sophisticated reporting system
    • Parts price allocation and similar allocations
  • All data in one system - integration into ERP

    The industry specifics are integrated in the financial accounting software and/or available as additional modules.

    We have already carried out numerous migration projects, resulting in standard integrations:

    • PSI Penta
    • trend SWM

    Are you using a different ERP system? We will standardize your data even without a standard.

    Mechanical & Plant Engineering
    250-500 employees
    Austria, UK, Slovakia, Czech Republic
  • M. Busch GmbH & Co. KG
    500+ employees
    Germany, Hungary
  • Wicke GmbH & Co. KG
    Mechanical & Plant Engineering
    750+ employees
    Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands
  • Olsberg GmbH
    Mechanical & Plant Engineering
    500+ employees
  • Sauter-Cumulus GmbH
    Mechanical & Plant Engineering
    1.000+ employees
  • TIGGES GmbH & Co. KG
    Mechanical & Plant Engineering
    100-250 employees
  • Vöhringer GmbH & Co. KG
    Mechanical & Plant Engineering
    350-500 employees
    Germany, Austria
  • Julius Schüle Druckguss GmbH
    Mechanical & Plant Engineering
    250-500 employees
  • petz industries GmbH & Co. KG
    Mechanical & Plant Engineering
    100-250 employees

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