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How to find accounting software that adapts to you– not the other way around

Our products & service in the overview

Accounting must function– quickly and efficiently, but the reality in the IT, finance, asset management and controlling departments is often quite different. Isolated solutions, separated from the ERP system, have been in use for decades. The working methods were adapted to the software and, thus, results in lengthy and complicated work steps. You want to change that.

Are you looking for accounting software whose functions and features will optimize your workflows and processes which can also be used at your international subsidiaries and is multi-client capable? With Portolan you accomplish exactly this. Finally, there is more time for the really important tasks, and your colleagues will be relieved in the long-run. In addition to stability, efficiency and numerous additional functions, our modern products offer you one thing above all- solutions and services for medium-sized businesses. Our developments are functional, stable and fast, and continuous further enhancements and support at our location in Heilbronn, Germany, guarantee you more efficient workflows, relief and more security.

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First glance at the internationale accounting software

  • EVM AnBu Asset master record

  • EVM Scope of assessment

  • EVM value display

  • EVM Plant grid

  • EVM asset master leasing

  • EVM AnBu Lease expense values

  • EVM Controlling Contribution Margin Accounting Asset Master Leasing

  • EVM Controlling Cost Center Accounting Asset Master Leasing

  • EVM profit and loss

  • EVM FiBu Liquidity analysis

  • EVM FiBu Liquidity analysis 2

  • EVM FiBu Proposal for interest on arrears

  • EVM FiBu payment advice

  • EVM FiBu payment advice 2

  • EVM Mobile

  • EVM Mobile 2

  • EVM Mobile 3

  • EVM Mobile 4

  • EVM Mobile 5

  • NOW AL Liquidity analysis

  • NOW AL Liquidity analysis 2

  • NOW AL Liquidity analysis 3

  • NOW AnBU assets analysis

  • NOW AnBU assets analysis 2

  • NOW CC Allocation

  • NOW CC Constant allocation

  • NOW CC Fixed Allocation

  • NOW CC Percentage Allocation

  • NOW CC Variableallocation

  • NOW FI Accountanalysis

  • NOW FI Accountanalysis 2

  • NOW FI Bankstatement

  • NOW FI document overview

  • NOW FI customer overview

  • NOW FI general ledger account

  • NOW FI G/L account language

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