How to create the basis for all important decisions

and ensure key figures are prepared correctly

Wrong decisions are often made as a result of incorrect key figures and charge rates. You can avoid these errors with EVM Controlling, accessing your ERP database in real-time. The software- designed for international use- covers cost centre, cost unit, contribution margin and project accounting.

With the intuitive software you can make your daily work easier and benefit from the following functions.

Contribution margin accounting

Contribution margin accounting

Cost center accounting

Cost center accounting

Basic functions of cost accounting & controlling

  • Transparency across all levels
  • Customizable reports
  • Evaluations and detailed analyses across any hierarchy levels
  • Detailed analysis down to the original document from financial accounting
  • Quantity and value information from the previous systems
  • Multi-dimensional and multi-stage breakeven analysis
  • Valuation of quantity flows

Transparency in the preparation and presentation of overhead costs and their allocation to operational functional areas and service units
Cost Center Accounting

Portolan Cost Center Management enables you to transparently prepare and display the structure of overhead costs and their distribution among the operational functional areas and service units.

It forms the basis for Cost Object Management by determining the overhead rates of the overhead costs and the allocation rates of the cost centres directly involved in the activity creation.

Portolan offers the possibility of individually configurable reports and evaluations and their detailed analysis down to the original financial accounting document. Evaluations and analyses are carried out via any hierarchy levels, cost centre groups or individual cost centres. If required, these are also available at the level of divisions or business areas.

Detailed evaluations of where costs are incurred in the company and their purposes
Cost Object Accounting

Cost Object Controlling supports you with central questions, such as:

  • What are the costs for in your company?
  • Which costs arise for which orders, products or processes?

ZTo answer these questions, you need a powerful, highly integrable product that processes the quantity and value information from the previous systems in a targeted manner and makes the information obtained from them available transparently and promptly.

An analysis of deviations, the valuation of work-in-progress-also known as work-in-process or percentage-of-completion (COP)-as well as the allocation of overhead costs according to the causation principle, are also indispensable for solid cost unit accounting.

The quantities transferred from the PPS systems are evaluated and displayed cumulatively or at the level of individual cost elements with different valuation approaches. The system-controlled monitoring of the valuation ensures a corresponding control of missing prices or billing rates.

Successful corporate management - Presenting the market and performance situation
Breakeven Analysis

With Portolan Controlling, a multi-dimensional and multi-level breakeven analysis is possible. Some of the most important questions for a successful corporate management are as follows:

  • With which products, product groups, markets, customers, etc. does the company make a profit, and where is countermeasure necessary?
  • Which are the best or weakest customers in terms of their contribution margin?
  • What does a comparison of sales territories look like?
  • Where is a particular product strong or weak?
  • What does the optimal product mix look like??

Without answering these questions, strategic product development and targeted market cultivation are hardly possible nowadays.

For this, you need a system that is able to both accurately represent your market and performance situation and link it with the relevant information from all areas of cost management. The integration of the entire cost and revenue management puts you in a position to present and flexibly evaluate your profit and loss account over different contribution margin levels up to the company result.

Presentation of the cost and result reports of your projects
Project settlement

The following questions are in the focus of the project accounting:

  • How do the situations of your projects present themselves at any time from the points-of-view of costs or results?
  • What costs do you have to expect for an existing project or a planned project portfolio under consideration of different scenarios?

Very often, the success of a project fails due to the poor evaluation of the quantity flows or even a neglect of the cost development. In order to prevent this, the project accounting has to be integrated into the cost management of the company.

The projects should be subject to the same valuation rules as orders from normal business activities. The services rendered for the projects are to be visibly represented as a discharge of the cost centres, in order to guarantee also here, the best possible efficiency.

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