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Advantages of the technology platform IBM Power System

The IBM Power System IBM i (formerly AS/400) already has its added value in its name: POWER. Since 1990 we have relied on the innovation and reliability of this system, and the powerful hardware is the perfect basis for all business-critical applications.

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Technologie IBM I (As400) Portolan

Absolute reliability

In many companies and industries, the IBM i system is used as the core for business-critical applications. It does not matter whether it is a matter of classic ERP applications, accounting, controlling, BI or accounting systems or web hosting applications. All applications benefit from one fact- the IBM i-System is absolutely reliable and precise, as it has proven to have one of the lowest downtimes. The system is outstanding in meeting the key factors of server quality, reliability, availability and maintainability.

Industry-leading security

The unique object-oriented architecture ensures that each object on the IBM i-System can only act in its defined way. For example, it is impossible to transform (manipulate) a file type object (*FILE) into a program type object (*PGM). This makes the operating system virtually virus-resistant.

The system is considered to be one of the most secure systems in the IT industry, as from the beginning, security has been constructed as an integral part of the system. The System i platform offers a wide range of security features and services to manage authentication, authorization, integrity, confidentiality and compliance checks.

Scalability and Flexibility

The smallest IBM i is binary compatible with the largest multi-core IBM i system. The enormous performance and scalability prevent you from ever growing out of this system.

The system is ideally suited to meet the needs of small midsize businesses to very large companies/groups (with several thousands of users). The system simply grows with your business and-better yet- still has reserves when you need them.

The new Power Scale-Out systems based on POWER8 usually already have enormous expansion possibilities and reserves for the entry-level models, which are sufficient for most medium-sized companies.

Latest IBM Technology

With IBM Power Systems you can rely on the latest IBM technologies. The award-winning hardware platform has sensationally low energy consumption and can be installed in racks to save space.

Unbeatable Integrated Functions in IBM i

In contrast to other operating systems, IBM i already integrates a large number of powerful tools:

  • Security monitoring
  • Database Journal, Audit Journal
  • Performance monitoring
  • Job monitoring and accounting
  • Integrated DB2 database with automatically maintained and optimized access procedures (on tables and views)- no DB administrator required
  • Memory and job management functions- that far exceed existing possibilities from the Windows and Unix world
  • Automatic system monitoring and reporting (ECS Electronic Service Agent)

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