Never lose the overview in asset accounting again

Asset accounting NOW

The international asset accounting system NOW AM is a modern tool for asset management, which can also be purchased stand-alone. You can maintain fixed, intangible and financial assets. You can also evaluate all data flexibly and manage it in a uniform Group currency. Furthermore, you can define different valuations according to your individual needs.

Benefit from valuable features that are already included in the standard package.

  • Actuality
    • Automatic update of all relevant values during an update
    • Flexible combination of depreciation parameters such as useful life, method, start and end
  • Parallel valuation procedures
    • The corresponding balance sheet and income statement accounts are posted for each valuation procedure.
    • Depreciation is calculated according to the uniform Group currency
    • Depreciation parameters can only be changed to the extent permitted by law.
  • Management of free information
    • Activate and analyse any information fields in detail
    • Sorting and evaluation of systems according to any parameters, e.g. manufacturer, responsible person or cost centre
  • Traceability & Continuity
    • Continuous tracking of plant development for all past fiscal years
    • Filter acquisitions, retirements and transfers and compare them for differentiated valuations
    • Tax-relevant data are provided automatically according to GDPdU
  • Evaluate all relevant data
    • Assets
    • Gross and net asset movement schedule
    • Asset history sheet
    • and much more.
  • Asset Master
    • Asset number / group / account
    • Inventory number / cost center
    • Date of acquisition / Date of commissioning
    • Depreciation methods: linear / graduated / progressive / pro rata
    • Depreciation areas: commercial law / tax law / IFRS / US GAAP
    • assets analysis
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