Is your financial accounting software outdated, no longer maintained or simply no longer meets all the requirements you need?

But you don't want to switch to a new ERP system?

With Portolan, you get modern financial software that is maintained and further developed on IBM i and can be perfectly integrated into our digitization platform.

How to recognize whether your financial accounting software is outdated

The demands on your financial accounting software are increasing dramatically these days. Digitalization is advancing in leaps and bounds. There are more and more ways to make work processes more efficient and thus save time and money - provided you have the right software.

Unfortunately, many accounting programs can no longer keep up.

These are the most common problems:

How to bring your accounting up to date:

So what should you do if your financial accounting software is out of date? Sure, buy a new program. But if you are currently using an ERP system on IBM i, this is not so easy. This is because many companies no longer support and develop their financial accounting programs on this hardware.

But switching to another ERP software? - is extremely risky.

Not only is such a system move an immense investment, but all sorts of things can go wrong during software implementation. And so months or even years can pass before your new ERP system is finally up and running. Of course, it would be better if you could stay with your current ERP system in the long term.

With Portolan you get a new software - compatible with your current ERP system

Portolan's EVM software offers you everything you could wish for in financial software.

Your advantages:

Automatic invoice processing saves you time and avoids errors.

EVM is available in numerous country and language versions. - As your company grows, the software simply grows with it.

The graphical user interface enables easy, intuitive navigation.

Our controlling module gives you an overview of all company figures.

You can get support and personal advice at any time via our helpline.

Integration into your current ERP system is quick and easy.

The software can be expanded on a modular basis and thus adapted precisely to your requirements.

You can see which modules are available here:

Customer testimonials

VIACOR's aim was to achieve greater transparency and more precise key figures for reliable planning.

Seit 2017 nutzen sie jetzt EVM von Portolan.

Everyone involved in the planning process now has access to the latest data. This makes budgeting faster and clearly structured.
EuWe has branches in Germany and the Czech Republic. Previously, they had to use different accounting systems for the different locations.

Then they switched to EVM from Portolan. Local contacts in the Czech Republic supervised the integration on site.

EuWe now has a uniform software landscape in all locations with group-wide standard processes.
For Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH, the transparency of business figures from finance and accounting is a decisive competitive factor.

With EVM Mobile, the management now has direct access to the balance sheet, P&L, liquidity planning and cost center reports.
Haberkorn is headquartered in Austria and has locations in eight other European countries. Its aim was to harmonize the financial structures.

Since 2014, the company has been able to create a standardized software landscape with EVM from Portolan.

This saves Haberkorn time on monthly closings and has improved consolidation options.
Staehle GmbH was still using an old accounting program with a green screen.

In 2019, they then switched to the modern EVM from Portolan. The new financial accounting system went live just 3 months after the start of the project.

Staehle GmbH employees were trained on the new functions in workshops based on their own database. Today, they benefit from EVM's graphical, user-friendly interface.

Would you like to find out more about a customer project? Then we will be happy to send you the full reference report.

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