EVM consists of three modules - financial accounting, asset accounting and controlling.The software can be expanded as required with our add-on modules so that it optimally covers your requirements.

Regularly audited - in accordance with IDW PS 880

The accounting-relevant components of the financial accounting module of the Portolan EVM financial software (version 8.50) were audited in accordance with IDW Auditing Standard PS 880.

Digitale und automatisierte Prozesse in der Finanzbuchhaltung
Finanzbuchhaltung mit EVM

Financial Accounting

EVM offers all the functions you need for day-to-day financial accounting. The system is also designed for international use and can be expanded with different country versions.

EVM offers digital, automated processes from invoice receipt to verification and payment. All figures are automatically transferred to the contribution margin calculation.

You always have an overview of all relevant data at your headquarters via a central overview. Both from your main location and all subsidiaries at home and abroad.

In addition to the standard functions of financial accounting, we also offer the following features:

Asset Accounting

Asset accounting is integrated into financial accounting and cost accounting/project accounting. It maps all types of depreciation and can be used internationally.

Ihre Anlagenbuchhaltung bei Portolan


Whether production costs for individual items, the determination of lower price limits or allocation keys for energy or rental costs - with our controlling module, you can determine all costs incurred in your company. Our controlling module thus provides the perfect basis for number-based management of the corporate strategy and forward-looking budget planning.

Financial Cockpit

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Mobile financial reporting has never been easier. With Portolan's financial cockpit, you always have your company figures up to date at the touch of a button. Individual reports, an overview of open items or the P&L can be easily accessed on a desktop or mobile tablet. EVM Mobile offers you an individual role concept. Depending on their function and responsibilities, users only have access to the reports relevant to them. In addition, each user can customize their own dashboard.

Extension Modules

Digitization Platform

Job Router Digitalisierungsplattform

The JobRouter digitization platform makes it possible to map all business processes, data and documents in one platform from start to finish. This eliminates time spent on manual activities and merges isolated solutions. The workflows can be individually adapted to the company's requirements.

The introduction is gradual and the process requirements evolve over time. This means that the solution can be used immediately and the pace is set by the user. Setup is carried out by our experts, but the low-code platform also allows users to create simple workflows themselves.

The areas of application are diverse. Here are some examples:

Over 1,500 customers of all sizes from a wide range of industries rely on the JobRouter digitalization platform. With a network of almost 200 partners and branches in the USA, the UK and Turkey, it can be used worldwide.